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As the New Year begins, it's time to think back to CSP in 2014, when we celebrated our 30th anniversary!
The Editorials featured some of our main concerns. "Down with Cut & Paste Culture" 30(5) – discusses our important ethical decision to implement automatic verification of plagiarism in all articles that are returned to authors for revision. One of our Assistant Editors verifies all the manuscripts for potential copies in order to improve our publishing process. The internationalization of CSP made important strides with a 38% increase in articles submitted in Spanish, and we expect to receive even more in the future.

The special thematic issue Birth in Brazil is a milestone on the issue of birthing care, focusing on the "need for changes in the current obstetric model of care". The Debate article (Sup. 1) published in this same issue received one of the highest citation scores on the Web (altmetrics).

The Perspectives section reconfirmed its wide variety of themes, always posing key questions for reflection and discussion. The National Policy for Social Participation (30(9), although currently blocked by the National Congress, shows promise for strengthening forums for collective discussion. And the journal's diversity appears in the articles: from the management of Ebola patients 30(11) to the release of transgenic mosquitos to control Aedes aegypti 30(11); from legal psychoactive drugs 30(2) to the National Senate's regulation of marijuana use 30(8); from the use of secondary data in research 30(7) to Health on the post-2015 agenda 30(10).

The months of December and January are always a time to thank our collaborators for helping build this legacy in collective health. We thank our consultants (see Editorial do 30(12)), our great staff, and especially the authors for giving us the honor of publishing their work.

New and exciting challenges await us in 2015, in our constant quest for quality science publishing in the field of collective health. Happy 2015!


The journal
Cadernos de Saúde Pública

Cadernos de Saúde Pública/Reports in Public Health (CSP) is a monthly journal published by the National School of Public Health, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil. The journal publishes original articles in the field of Public Health, including epidemiology, nutrition, health planning, vector ecology and control, environmental health, and social sciences in health, among other related fields (for more details, see instructions to authors). All articles are carefully reviewed by the CSP editorial staff, organized on the basis of the peer review system.

CSP is currently one of the main sources of information in Latin America on the Public Health scientific field. The journal’s periodicity and regularity, combined with the quality of its graphics and careful selection of articles, have ensured its broad dissemination in both the academic and scientific community and health services, both in Brazil and abroad. Aimed at expanding the potential for disseminating the articles published in the journal, CSP is listed in the main international literature indexes, and the articles are also available online through the SciELO project (Scientific Electronic Library Online).
The papers are published under a CC by-nc license, which allows third parties to remix, adapt and create work derived from the licensed work, as long as there is no commercial use, and giving due credit.

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