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"The MSTI Must Stay" is part of the title to the Editorial that opens the July issue of CSP, with Ennio Candotti providing a brief historical review and highlighting the importance of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation for Brazilian science. The Perspectives section features a critical view of the recent reform in the English National Health Service, considered an international reference as a national public health system. Author Ligia Giovanella identifies the fragmentation and marketization that pose risks to the founding principles of the NHS.
This edition also contains another article in the Thematic Space on Zika and Pregnancy, this time on the Zika congenital infection syndrome.
The Review article addresses the important theme of sexual aggression and self-reported victimization in Brazil.
In light of the fast-approaching Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Articles section includes a paper by Freitas et al on the hospital treatment capacity in georeferenced areas in Rio de Janeiro!
This edition also features the following sections: Methodological Questions, with an article on the factor structure validity of the social capital scale used in the baseline of the ELSA-Brazil study; an Essay on drug consumption; Brief Communication, on the case of Brazilian domestic workers in the United States; a Book Review by Eduardo Faerstein on the Dictionary of Epidemiology; and Articles with the customary diversity of topics from the Collective Health field.
Many articles, many themes, and many high-quality studies!
We hope you all enjoy this edition!

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The journal is devoted to the publication of scientific articles focusing on the production of knowledge in Collective Health. CSP also aims to foster critical reflection and debate on current themes related to public policies and factors that impact populations' living conditions and healthcare.

All articles undergo in-depth assessment by the CSP Editorial Board, organized on a peer review basis and respecting the diversity of approaches, objects of study, and methods from the different disciplines that characterize the field. Originality, relevance, and methodological rigor are the main characteristics considered in the review process.

CSP is currently one of the principal sources of scientific information in Public Health in Latin America. The periodicity and regularity of CSP, along with the careful selection of articles for publication, have guaranteed the journal's wide dissemination in both the academic and scientific community and health services.

CSP is indexed in the leading international bibliographic databases.

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