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The Editorial in the October edition is an editors' choice, written by Mônica Martins (Associate Editor) and Walter Mendes (researcher at ENSP/FIOCRUZ). The authors emphasize the analysis by Roque et al. on adverse events in intensive care units: "Adverse events due to healthcare are a serious safety and quality issue".
The Perspectives section addresses drug shortages as a public health problem. "Difficulties in access to medicines resulting from drug shortages are a serious public health issue". In Brazil, the problem appears at all levels of care – from primary to specialized – and affect both public and private services.
The article by Tesser & Norman published in the Essay section discusses the difference between clinical care and disease prevention. "The authors argue that persistent confusion has turned healthy individuals into 'patients' through changes in disease classification criteria and/or cutoff points for defining high-risk states".
The Articles section features the Collective Health field's typical diversity of themes and approaches: adverse events in the intensive care unit; use of health services by diabetic patients in the Unified National Health System versus those with private health plans; women-trafficking and the sex trade; dissatisfaction with the Unified Health System; assessment of screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in young women in Manaus; and seasonal variation in hospitalizations due to acute diarrhea following introduction of the rotavirus vaccine.
This edition also includes the Letter by Paumgartten commenting on the article by Alves et al., published in the June edition (32(6):e00070116), concerning outcry by Brazilian society over Law no. 13.269/2016, and the authors' reply.

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